Good Life Redefined

inspiring you to live your life to the fullest

We are
Good Life Redefined

Does day to day life have to be synonymous with stress, lack of time, drained energy and unmeaningful moments?

Unfortunately society tells us that this is how a “normal” life looks like, and most people have accepted it. But we haven’t. We have decided to redefine what is the GOOD LIDE.

We believe that to live a truly holistic life, we need to bring balance to the five H.E.A.R.T areas of our lives:

Health Environment Adventure Relationships Transformation

We promised to ourselves to keep creating the good life.

Have you?



Your health is in your hands.
Change your daily habits to experience ultimate health, wellbeing and longevitiy.


Planet Earth is our only home.
Learn how to live sustainable, grow your own food and protect our planet.


Happiness is about living fully.
Step out of your comfort zone, change your routines and experience being here and now.


We are social animals.
Improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your relationships.


You are either growing or dying.
Discover your life purpose and find out how to get closer to it every single day

What guests say about living here

Amazing people like you have already experienced life in Casa Alegria. This is a sneak peek of what you can expect.


Even before we arrived, we both knew that there was something a bit magical about Casa Alegria. We had awesome brainstorming sessions and conversations around redefining the ‘Good Life’ and what that meant for each of us. We were being challenged with creative, collaborative projects that inspired and stretched us in all the right ways. And all that, accompanied with constant laughter.

~ Emily Boyd and Cody Pfitzner

Wow! Where to start when there are so many amazing things to say about this magical place? Every single day was full of teamwork, learning, creativity, positive energy, delicious healthy food, nature and great conversations.

~ Milagros Gentile


I would like to say you changed my life. But that’s not what you did. You gave me space, time, positive input, and freedom to initiate the change myself. Which is even more a act of giving. Its beautiful to see how people open up in this process of creating. You walk into a open house, full of love, open ears and wonderful experiences waiting for you.

~ Noah Haas

I can recommend this place to everyone who wants to give his heart, creativity and power into a great place. Delicious food, a beautiful garden with a view to the ocean, a group of energetic and motivated people, a wonderful and cozy place that felt like home

~ Lena & Sebastian


If you have the chance… go visit or even better stay at Casa Alegria. It will change your life!

~ Ingrid Verbeek

If you are offered a place here, grab it with both hands quickly.

~ Peter Cooper


If you come to this magical serene place, I would advise you use this opportunity to grow and expand, use their very rich library, pick the fruits from the garden, lounge in many beautiful areas of the garden, use the sauna (and be careful, you just might get hooked ;)) or just exchange life stories and experiences.

~ Sanja Sirocic