We are Good Life Redefined

a group of people with the vision to help one million people around the world create a holistic life.

We believe that to create a holistic life people need to learn how to include the 5 H.E.A.R.T. principles in their daily life.

To achieve that, we provide online courses and physical workshops in the paradise island of Tenerife focused on those topics.

At the same time, we are building a global community of individuals that are creating their own holistic lives, and we bring together global thought leaders who are sharing their expertise to help our community experience the H.E.A.R.T. life.


The drive behind Good Life Redefined

The drive behind Good Life Redefined is Nisandeh Neta, a serial entrepreneur, who founded and grew 10 different companies - starting his first software company at the age of 18.

A successful training company

For 20 years Nisandeh ran a successful training company where he trained together with his wife Vered more than 150,000 conscious entrepreneurs in business development, marketing and personal growth.

With live events, 6 best selling books, and online courses on marketing and business development, Nisandeh managed, according to one of the biggest national newspapers, to bring 250 Million Euros to the Dutch economy.

Casa Alegria

These days he is semi-retired and dedicates himself to developing a health and longevity mobile app, walking his spiritual path and transforming Casa Alegria into a botanical garden of Eden, Full of edible and medicinal plants.

Nisandeh’s vision of helping one million people around the world experience life based on the H.E.A.R.T principles, brought together a team of people, with Nick and Dimitris as the leading forces, toward its manifestation.


Nick Steiner

Over the past six years Nick Steiner has been a driving force behind the creation and growth of Love Foundation.

The organisation is organising cultural events all over the globe to connect thousands of people, spread love and fundraise money for water development projects in Kenia. After finishing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation he moved to Tenerife to pursue a career outside the confinements of 9 to 5 office job and to follow his passion for a regenerative lifestyle.

At Casa Alegria Nick is playing an integral role in transforming the property into a garden of Eden. As a long-term resident he is supporting and instructing volunteers in the pursuit of their dreams and work around the property.


Dimitris Bronowski

On 2018, Dimitris Bronowski became the CEO of Open Circles Academy, the fastest growing business training company in the Netherlands.

During that time the company transitioned from offering physical events to offering all the training material using online courses. Dimitris has managed online marketing operations for companies such as HappyHealthyWealthyWise, BodyBrainDance and LifePlanDesign, and has helped small business owners and experts grow their business by creating online courses.

He is the author of the book Grow your Business with Online Courses, and at Casa Alegria he is helping influencers create and market online courses.


We are based on Tenerife

The island of eternal spring. Although we offer some of our courses online, if you want to experience first hand what a holistic life looks like, you’ll need to join us here.

In a beautiful location deep into the nature, with a view over the atlantic ocean, we created a small garden of Eden. We grow, cook and eat our own organic food, experience nature, meditate, hike, dance, read, watch movies, practice yoga and meet amazing, positive people to share our experiences and create relationships that last a lifetime.

See what our guests say about us

Karlo and Mirna

By the end of our stay, we've felt like part of a community that was working and living for common cause, growing together and supporting each other. We've felt so alive, strong, appreciated and loved.

Lena & Sebastian

I can recommend this place to everyone who wants to give his heart, creativity and power into a great place. Delicious food, a beautiful garden with a view to the ocean, a group of energetic and motivated people, a wonderful and cozy place that felt like home

Marijn Korver

It was such a pleasure to stay here, make tea from herbs in the garden, cook food with freshly picked vegetables, explore your creativity, learn a lot and end the day in the cosy sauna.

Heidi de Koenigswarter

Wonderful experience but unfortunately too short ... 2 weeks here was memorable and very pleasant to live; great team, idyllic home, fantastic food... just perfect, this place is simply amazing!